TBF 08: Summer Beer Releases


In this episode: 

Summer is here and we got the scoop on Summer Beer Releases. Host Greg kicks off our Summer Beer Series with a look at the craft beers that are available during these hot summer months. Grab a beer, kick back, and enjoy…and don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Cheers!

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • Timeline for summer beers: around May until Football season starts
  • What makes a beer a summer beer: Citric, wheat, lighter colors
  • Ingredients of summer beer: Fruitier
  • Summer imports vs craft beers

Resources & Brands mentioned:

Domestic and Import Beer Releases

Craft Beer Releases

“15 for 12” Beer Reviews

Port Brewing, Summer Pale Ale

  • Very wheaty
  • Earthy, grassy notes
  • Darker than most summer releases
  • 6% abv

Anderson Valley, Summer Solstice

  • 5% abv
  • Six pack form
  • Smells green; not grassy, but clean
  • Poured darker, apple cider color
  • Light in taste, big flavor
  • Creamy aftertaste, almost a vanilla finish

Jam of the Week:

Player’s Ball, OutKast

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