TBF 11: Party Planning? How Much Beer You Really Need


Tailgating at the ballpark, birthdays, 4th of July BBQs: there’s a chance this summer you’re throwing some type of get together with your friends and family. How much beer should you buy? This week host Greg takes you to school by giving you a simple equation to determine exactly how much you’ll need. At the end of this episode you’ll know if a few cases or a couple kegs are needed to keep your guests happy. “Ain’t no party like a…party that doesn’t have enough beer.” Cheers!

In this episode: 

  • Pros and Cons of Kegs
  • Pros and Cons of Bottles
  • Different Types of Keg Taps
  • Containment for Kegs
  • Calculating How Much Beer You’ll Need:

(Number of Guests) x (Number of Servings per Guest) x 12 oz = Total Ounces of Beer You’ll Need

Number of Servings Per Guest (based on hours)
1 Hour Party = 2 Servings
2 Hours Party = 3 Servings
3 Hours Party = 4 Servings
4 Hours Party = 5 Servings
5 Hours Party = 6 Servings

1 beer serving (bottle): 12 oz

1 Keg, 1/2 Barrel: 1984 oz (15.5 gallons)
Pony Keg:  992 oz (7.75 gallons)
5 Gallon Keg: 640 oz

Chart of keg sizes by Kegerator

Also, if you don’t like math, here’s a great drink calculator from Big Red Liquors


Brands & Resources mentioned:

“15 for 12” Beer Reviews

Jam of the Week:

My Part of Town” by Tuff Crew

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