TBF 03: Introducing the B-Sides

Tbf 003b

Greg introduces a new format for The Beer Flow Podcast, the B-Side! He talks about his personal connection to hip-hop and how that has influenced his enjoyment of life and of course, beer. Greg discusses his upbringing in the Bay Area during the rise of hip-hop; his favorite artists; and how young people find a connection the early days of hip-hop. He’ll tell listeners what to expect from future B-Side episodes and give listeners a challenge to add to the content of the next B-Side.

In This Episode:

  • The Influence of Hip-Hop on The Beer Flow Podcast: “Hip-hop is the culture, rap is the language.” -KRS One
  • Hip-hop in the Bay Area Filipino Scene.
  • Evolution of Hip-Hop from “Nothing to Everything”
  • Question to the Listeners: “Do you know what an MC is?”
  • The Golden Age of Hip-Hop: 1987-1993. Pre-Wu and Post-Wu
  • What to Expect from the B-Side Episode.
  • Pre-digital Hip-hop.
  • Homework: Find one Pre-Wu song, one Post-Wu song. Most interesting combo gets discussed on the next B-Side Episode.
  • Beer Shout-Outs! Goose Island Bourbon County and Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing
  • Greg Signs Off. Einstein Spins Out.

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