TBF 10: Cans vs. Bottles and The State of Beer Marketing – Summer Beer Trends Part 2

Cans Vs Bottles Marketing

In this episode :

  • This week host Greg continues the Summer Beer Series with a look at the current trends in beer marketing. Is craft beer better in a can or bottle? Greg shares his thoughts on this ongoing debate amongst beer enthusiasts.

Brands and resources in this episode:

“15 for 12” Review Segment: 

  • Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA: 6.3 ABV, 52 IBU, a dark gold color, citric grapefruit taste, something you can drink during summer time, good solid taste.
  • Hell Or High Watermelon 21st Amendment Beer: 4.9 ABV, is super light, not hoppy, light yellow color, taste like super wet wheat, very easy to drink, watermelon background taste, very refreshing, boat/pool friendly.

Jam of the Week:

Mass Appeal by Gang Starr

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